ARPES spectra, STM topographs and photos shown are to highlight the topics we covered, results we obtained and places we worked.

Au_gr_1   Au_gr_2    Ir_gr
STM – Gr/Ir(111) intercalated by Au STM – Gr/Ir(111) intercalated by Au STM – Ir clusters on Gr/Ir(332)
perstagra_1_stm   perstagra_2_LEED    perstagra_4_DFT
STM – Ir(332) LEED – graphene on Ir(111) DFT – graphene on Ir(111)
perstagra_3_SS_Au111 perstagra_7_stm   perstagra_6_stm
ARPES – Au on graphene STM – graphene on Ir(332) STM – graphene on Ir(332)
perstagra_5_DFT resources perstagra_10_soleil
DFT – graphene on Ir(332) ARPES – setup ARPES – Antares station
perstagra_9_soleil perstagra_11_soleil perstagra_12_FS
Synchrotron SOLEIL Iva at Antres station Fermi surface of doped graphene